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Neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) without boundaries: research and interventions beyond classifications

Cécile Louveau , Pierre Ellul , Anton Iftimovici , Julien Dubreucq , Charles Laidi et al.
Journal of Neural Transmission, 2023, Online ahead of print. ⟨10.1007/s00702-023-02586-w⟩
Journal articles inserm-03967430v1

Treat to target in Behcet's disease: Should we follow the paradigm of other systemic rheumatic diseases?

George E. Fragoulis , George Bertsias , Bahram Bodaghi , Ahmet Gul , Jan Van Laar et al.
Clinical immunology (Orlando, Fla.), 2023, 246, pp.109186. ⟨10.1016/j.clim.2022.109186⟩
Journal articles hal-03970093v1

Subcostal transversus abdominis plane block for postoperative analgesia in liver transplant recipients: a before-and-after study.

Mona Assefi , Emma Trillaud , Corinne Vezinet , Baptiste Duceau , Elodie Baron et al.
Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, 2023, rapm--2022--103705. ⟨10.1136/rapm-2022-103705⟩
Journal articles hal-03967644v1

Cerebro-Ocular Toxocariasis Revealed by Bilateral Cystoid Macular Edema.

Arianna Paris , Miguel Hié , Ramin Tadayoni , Bahram Bodaghi , Sara Touhami et al.
Ocular Immunology and Inflammation, 2023, pp.1--4. ⟨10.1080/09273948.2022.2155844⟩
Journal articles hal-03970091v1

Agreement between pulse oximetry and arterial oxygen saturation measurement in critical care patients during COVID-19: a cross-sectional study.

Arthur James , Matthieu Petit , Flore Biancale , Adrien Bougle , Vincent Degos et al.
Journal of clinical monitoring and computing, 2023, pp.1--8. ⟨10.1007/s10877-022-00959-2⟩
Journal articles hal-03967643v1


David Klatzmann
Conference papers hal-03969606v1
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Juvenile Neuropsychiatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Identification of Novel Central Neuroinflammation Biomarkers

Mathilde Labouret , Stefania Costi , Vincent Bondet , Vincent Trebossen , Enora Le Roux et al.
Journal of Clinical Immunology, 2022, ⟨10.1007/s10875-022-01407-1⟩
Journal articles pasteur-03889611v1

T-cell repertoire as a potential biomarker in cardiac diseases

Kenz Le Gouge , Encarnita Mariotti-Ferrandiz
SFI-AFC 2022, Nov 2022, Nice, France
Conference poster hal-03976907v1

Low-dose IL2 restores Treg antigen-specific TCR repertoire in mice and autoimmune disease patients

Encarnita Mariotti-Ferrandiz , Vanessa Mhanna , Pierre Barennes , Michelle Rosenzwajg , David Klatzmann et al.
The promise of IL-2 therapy, iMAP consortium, Oct 2022, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-03977136v1

« IL-2 and the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases: mechanisms and biomarkers »

David Klatzmann
« IL-2 and the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases: mechanisms and biomarkers », Sep 2022, LISBONNE, Portugal
Conference papers hal-03969396v1

IL-2 based therapies today

David Klatzmann
The Promise of Interleukine-2 Therapy, Sep 2022, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-03969352v1
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Correction: Activated dendritic cells modulate proliferation and differentiation of human myoblasts

Leandro Ladislau , Débora Portilho , Tristan Courau , Alhondra Solares-Pérez , Elisa Negroni et al.
Cell Death and Disease, 2022, 13 (9), pp.811. ⟨10.1038/s41419-022-05278-7⟩
Journal articles hal-03830872v1

3rd frontier in clinical imminulogy 2022 virtuel symposium

David Klatzmann
3rd frontier in clinical imminulogy 2022 virtuel symposium, Jul 2022, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-03969141v1

T cell receptor repertoire studies: from T-cell biology mining towards biomarker discovery

Encarnita Mariotti-Ferrandiz
Dynamics of Immune Repertoires: Exploration and Translation, Jul 2022, Dresde (Germany), Germany
Conference papers hal-03977155v1

QtCR : an integrative quality control pipeline for AIRR-sequencing

Kenz Le Gouge , Vanessa Mhanna , Paul Stys , Nicolas Coatnoan , Hélène Vantomme et al.
AIRR Community Meeting VI: “Exploring New Frontiers”, Jun 2022, San Diego (CA), France
Conference poster hal-03976900v1
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OntoContext, a new python package for gene contextualization based on the annotation of biomedical texts

Walid Bedhiafi , Véronique Thomas-Vaslin , Amel Benammar-Elgaaied , Adrien Six
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-03696137v1

T cell receptor repertoire studies: from T-cell biology mining towards biomarker discovery

Encarnita Mariotti-Ferrandiz
4th Germinal Center Workshop, French Society for Immunology - Germinal Center Club, Jun 2022, Marseille (FRANCE), France
Conference papers hal-03976759v1

“Low-dose IL-2 in Recently Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes.”

David Klatzmann
American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions- New Orleans, Louisiana USA, Jun 2022, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, United States
Conference papers hal-03968175v1

AIRR Community Guide to Planning and Performing AIRR-Seq Experiments

Anne Eugster , Magnolia Bostick , Nidhi Gupta , Encarnita Mariotti-Ferrandiz , Gloria Kraus et al.
Immunogenetics, 2453, Springer US, pp.261-278, 2022, Methods in Molecular Biology, ⟨10.1007/978-1-0716-2115-8_15⟩
Book sections hal-03838024v1

Single-Cell Analysis and Tracking of Antigen-Specific T Cells: Integrating Paired Chain AIRR-Seq and Transcriptome Sequencing: A Method by the AIRR Community

Nidhi Gupta , Ida Lindeman , Susanne Reinhardt , Encarnita Mariotti-Ferrandiz , Kevin Mujangi-Ebeka et al.
Immunogenetics, 2453, Springer US, pp.379-421, 2022, Methods in Molecular Biology, ⟨10.1007/978-1-0716-2115-8_20⟩
Book sections hal-03838013v1

Elucidating the TCR Repertoire of Trges to inform Future Targeted Therapy Development

David Klatzmann
treg summit BOSTON, May 2022, Boston (Massachusetts), United States
Conference poster hal-03968243v1

IHU-FOReSIGHT : Médecine personnalisée appliquée à l'Ophtalmologie

David Klatzmann
congres SFO, May 2022, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-03968271v1
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Reversal of immune-checkpoint inhibitor fulminant myocarditis using personalized-dose-adjusted abatacept and ruxolitinib: proof of concept

Lee Nguyen , Marie Bretagne , Jennifer Arrondeau , Noel Zahr , Stephane Ederhy et al.
Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer, 2022, 10 (4), pp.e004699. ⟨10.1136/jitc-2022-004699⟩
Journal articles hal-03832478v1

IL-2 in recurrent miscarriages: rational kind preliminary results

David Klatzmann
ICM PARIS -16th Annual meeting of the European Society for Reproductive Immunology, Mar 2022, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-03968187v1
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Treatment of COVID-19-associated ARDS with mesenchymal stromal cells: a multicenter randomized double-blind trial

Antoine Monsel , Caroline Hauw-Berlemont , Miryam Mebarki , Nicholas Heming , Julien Mayaux et al.
Critical Care, 2022, 26 (1), ⟨10.1186/s13054-022-03930-4⟩
Journal articles hal-03604084v1
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Interferon signature in giant cell arteritis aortitis

Matheus Vieira , Paul Régnier , Anna Maciejewski-Duval , Alexandre Le Joncour , Guillaume Darasse-Jèze et al.
Journal of Autoimmunity, 2022, 127, pp.102796. ⟨10.1016/j.jaut.2022.102796⟩
Journal articles hal-03882075v1
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The Potential of Exosomes in Allergy Immunotherapy

Paul Engeroff , Monique Vogel
Vaccines, 2022, 10 (1), pp.133. ⟨10.3390/vaccines10010133⟩
Journal articles hal-03557416v1
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Immunological causes of obsessive-compulsive disorder: is it time for the concept of an “autoimmune OCD” subtype?

Dominique Endres , Thomas A Pollak , Karl Bechter , Dominik Denzel , Karoline Pitsch et al.
Translational Psychiatry, 2022, 12 (1), pp.5. ⟨10.1038/s41398-021-01700-4⟩
Journal articles hal-03529691v1
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The route of vaccine administration determines whether blood neutrophils undergo long-term phenotypic modifications

Yanis Feraoun , Jean-Louis Palgen , Candie Joly , Nicolas Tchitchek , Ernesto Marcos-Lopez et al.
Frontiers in Immunology, 2022, 12, pp.784813. ⟨10.3389/fimmu.2021.784813⟩
Journal articles hal-03787905v1
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Naive and memory CD4 + T cell subsets can contribute to the generation of human Tfh cells

Raphaël Jeger-Madiot , Romain Vaineau , Maud Heredia , Nicolas Tchitchek , Lisa Bertrand et al.
iScience, 2022, 25 (1), pp.103566. ⟨10.1016/j.isci.2021.103566⟩
Journal articles hal-03854774v1